[product] has been asked to join the stage with some of my personal favorite artists! Chrysalide, [SITD], Covenant, and Tactical Sekt just to name a few! Not sure what date we are playing yet - but it DOESN'T MATTER because we are going to fucking party all weekend because despite being all pro and stuff now we are secretly just twelve year old girls who nerd out over industrial.



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Shallow Graves is the dynamically powerful follow up to 2012’s COP International release I, Omega. After self-releasing the Awaken The Alchemist EP in 2013, which featured remixes from witch house idols M‡яc▲ll▲ and V▲LH▲LL, it became clear that [product] was heading away from the club-track heavy feel of I, Omega and on to new, more experimental territory. Enlisting help from Detroit Diesel, iVardensphere, Acylum, and X-Fusion Music Productions, Shallow Graves quickly became a progressive expansion for [product].


Preorders will receive the exclusive bonus track, So Lost (W.A.S.T.E. Remix) on the release date.




releases 14 January 2014

All tracks written and produced by Michael Kurt.

Mastering by X-Fusion Music Production (www.x-m-p.de)

Artwork by Kallisti Design (www.kallistidesign.com)